Sleigh Bells – Jessica Rabbit

Sleigh Bells – Jessica Rabbit

Released November 11th, 2016


The Brooklyn-based noise pop duo Sleigh Bells’ fourth album, Jessica Rabbit, is a band harnessing their raw power and pushing it in some new directions. The first release on their own label, Torn Clean, is splitting at the seams with the same monster riffs and relentless percussion that has marked their work all along. Jessica Rabbit represents Derek Miller and Alexis Krauss’ most equal distribution of labor yet as a song writing team. The only real weakness, while undeniably ambitious in scope, the album is too scatterbrained to make a truly cohesive statement. Some of the songs work exceptionally well “I can’t stand you anymore”, and “Throw me down the stairs”, while some float by with out imprinting anything on your memory.

3.5 of 5 stars